The benefits of coming together to practice yoga is that it allows us to live intentionally. We can take a pause from our lives and ask: How can we make our life special? How can we feel less stress? How can we feel harmony? How can we live happy in any circumstance? Whatever we work for ourselves and for  family and somewhere we go to party, event, movie, park , temple, beer bar, hotel. Just for enjoyment – to feel ourself happy….But if we live like this our life can become a fog. At ADVAIT Yoga Peeth we are going to same but a little different. We will think and feel ourselves. We will work ourselves and what is work? To be of service to this body, to care of this body. We are going to give thanks for our body. We are going to give gratitude for our body. The purpose of yoga is not to show off our body…the purpose is to see and love our body. To give respect to our body. 

The meaning of ADVAIT YOGA PEETH

“All this is Brahman immortal, naught else; Brahman is in front of us. Brahman behind us, and to the south of us and to the north of us and below us and above us; it stretches everywhere. All this is Brahman alone, all this magnificent universe.” ~Upanishad

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